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Herbis's Pet Nail Clippers |L&W BROS edition

Herbis's Pet Nail Clippers |L&W BROS edition

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Herbi's pet nail clippers are made for grooming your pet's nails the right way! Herbi provides an innovative range of nail cutters with led lights for precisely cutting your pet's nails. The LED light on our nail cutter illuminates the quick of your pet's nails so there are no more accidental wounds. Get ready for your pets starting to enjoy the process of nail grooming.

Why our nail clippers?

The right way to cut your pet's nail

No more mess after a nail groom

From now on, happy pets!


  • LED light: Herbi's Pet Nail Clipper comes with LED lights, so that the quick of the nail is visible and the bloodline is not touched when the nails are clipped
  • The nail clippers for pets are sharpened and rugged thanks to their stainless steel blades.
  • There is a nail file at the bottom to polish and smooth the nails and prevent scratching of pets and human skin.
  • The nail storage box helps the clipped nail fragments to be stored without making a mess
  • Suitable for beginners: the non-slip handle is very suitable for beginners, even if you have no experience, you can easily cut your pet's nails. It is very suitable for the daily care of kittens, small dogs, hamsters, birds and other pets.


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