Fun with a Blender

SavedPicture-2013113154538.jpgYesterday I was musing about the joy of juicing and today I am moving on to my other new bit of kitchen kit. One that has sadly been underused. I say sadly because I think that blenders must give you the benefits of juicing (nutrient dense drinks) without the disadvantages (throwing away the fibre) but… I’m a little scared.
I usually use the blender to make milkshake type drinks. I make a mean breakfast smoothie of nuts, nut milk and vanilla soy yogurt (recipe below) and it is great but it doesn’t contain a lot of vegetables. I am sure I could add some spinach and blend it in to the drink but every time I go to do it it just seems a little crazy. So this is my nefarious plan. I’ll post about my cowardice here and then I’ll have to try it so I can report back.
I am still a little torn about this drinking your calories debate anyway. Smoothies feels a bit like a meal at least and because it contains the whole food it will slow the sugars from entering your blood stream. You can also use them if you are at all worried about your protein intake by adding hemp powder or your omega-3 by including flax seeds. Perhaps this is the purpose of these drinks that I am missing – to concoct your own super nutrient drink…

Until then – here is a delicious breakfast drink for you to enjoy

breakfast smoothie
1 handful of walnuts
4 Brazil nuts
2 tbsp pumpkin seeds
2 tbsp ground flax seeds
2 cups of nut milk
2 tbsp soy vanilla yogurt
1 banana

Put the nuts, seeds and half a cup of nut milk in the blender and blend until smooth. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend again. Drink and think “bet I could put spinach in this…”

OK I’m off to make a smoothie. If it all ends up in tears I am blaming you dear reader.

What are your favourite smoothie recipes? Are you already adding kale and broccoli to your smoothies?

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2 thoughts on “Fun with a Blender

  1. I’d rather eat my kale and broccoli in a stirfry or salad and keep my smoothies sweet. But then, I’m a fan of adding in a handful of chocolate chips to smoothies, so what do I know?

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