Vegan Hero #3 Matt Frazier


Soon to be a best seller

You have Matt to blame/thank for this blog. In fact I have him to thank, at least in part, for me turning vegan. After 22 years of being a fairly unhealthy vegetarian I was starting to take my health more seriously and was reading more on nutrition. I started seeing through the misinformation about the need for dairy and the like but was still interested in how I would get enough protein to maintain distance running. Google took me, like so many before, to Matt Frazier’s unsurpassed No Meat Athlete blog.
Reading Matts blog from the beginning (I have. A few times. I realise I may start to sound like a warped stalker) and you are taken on a journey from someone just starting to give up meat for 30 days to slowly transforming into a full on vegan. Now I am aware that there are many people who go on this journey; so what makes Matt a vegan hero up there with Scott Jurek and Isa Chandra?
I think that Matt has worked to create one hell of a resource for those interested in plant based fitness. He has actively bridged the gap between those who are looking for advice on running and those looking for advice on veganism. Looking through the comments on his blog you see a wave of athletes who have been inspired to give up meat and a wave of vegans who have been inspired to start running. That says Hero to me.
Matt has, over the last 5 years, turned his blog into a business and continues to support others to do the same. He has also found the time to write a book which I have just bought and will be reviewing soon. If you are looking for the formula for the perfect smoothie, wondering where to get your protein or just want to idle away a few days in his archives then I urge you to follow the running carrot.

So let’s raise a glass of raw green smoothie and drink to our Vegan Hero – Matt Frazier


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