The Herbifit Guide to Exercise Classes

Leaving the trail shoes at home to hit the gym.

Leaving the trail shoes at home to hit the gym.

As I mentioned yesterday I have rejoined my local gym. Joining this gym 4 years ago was my first step in losing weight and embracing a healthier lifestyle so the place holds fond memories for me. When I went before I only used the exercise equipment – this time I am trying some classes as well.
When you look at the list of classes on offer for the first time it can be a little baffling. “Spinning” sounds like something you might do as a kid, standing with your arms round and seeing how long you can go in a circle without falling down. Zumba sounds likes the new superfood. So here you go – the Herbifit guide to exercise classes.
Bokwa was being hailed for a short time as the “new Zumba”. Bokwa is a new class based on dance moves. I only went once. There is a reason for this. It sucks. The instructor bounces around and then makes an L shape. When this exciting thing happens you do a step in the shape of an L. It gets better. Sometimes you jump up and down and are encouraged to “whoop”. I don’t whoop. It is never a good sign when you get cold exercising.
Zumba isn’t something I have done a lot of. It is like Bokwa but the instructors have clearly been told to have a rictus grin on their faces at all times. The music is dire. This seems to be a trend in exercise classes.
Spinning can apparently be great. I have been assured that with a good instructor spinning rocks. I haven’t had a good instructor. In Spinning you sit on a modified exercise bike and peddle at different levels of resistance sometimes standing and sometimes sitting. I have a spin bike at home and quite like it. One advantage of Spinning at home is that you can do it while watching Seinfeld repeats. If you do it in a class you have to listen to a remix of Robin Thicke and have an instructor who barks “it’s like a jog” for no discernible reason. I am looking for a new instructor.
Circuit training is cool. A good mixture of cardio, body weight exercises and free weights. If you are doing it right you feel like you are about to vomit out your rib cage. The only problem with a circuit class is that you can’t move for a week because the psycho instructor thinks that doing squats for 10 minutes might be fun. I think she.might have popped out for a bit and forgotten about us.
Boxercise rocks! The perfect mix of circuit classes and punching stuff. It gives you a great all over workout and I honestly think did wonders for my running. As soon as my ankle is fixed up I’ll be lacing up my gloves again. If you are lucky you live in Sussex and can have Claire Ori from Sussex Boxercise as your instructor. She’ll make her own mix tape of music with odd 80s classics thrown in to make you wheeze out a laugh while you pray for death.

That’ll do for now. Get yourself signed up to something and let me know what I am missing.


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