Where has all the running gone?


Less running means more baking.

I like to imagine that I have a large and loyal following. People who await each blog post with each baited breath. In my imagination these throng of people have been asking “Hey Herbifit. I thought this was a running blog. Where is all the running?” And you know what imaginary mob? You have a point.
I haven’t been writing about running much and there is a very simple reason for this; I haven’t been doing very much of it. At the end of the summer I was carrying a very old and heavy TV down the stairs when I fell and went over on both my ankles. They were badly sprained and I was unable to walk without crutches for weeks and not able to run at all for a couple of months. Even now one ankle is still bad and I can’t run for more than a few miles at a time. As I’m sure you can imagine that is pretty frustrating. So what is a runner to do?
Well firstly staying positive. I think as runners we often put a lot of our identity on the fact that we run. Runners is what we are so losing the ability to run is a bit like losing your job. It takes away part of your identity and many injured runners end up depressed. I have tried to take it easy and not to push it. When I was injured in the past I hurried to get back out the door and start hitting the miles just to find out I couldn’t do it and so feel like I had failed. I have learnt my lesson. I am determined to remember that running is a hobby. It is something I do for fun and there doesn’t need to be any pressure to run more or run further. I’ll run when I want and for how far I want.
The other thing I have done is tried to make use of the time. When Mrs Herbifit is out running with the dogs I write a blog post, make some bread, read a book, tidy the house or plan my take over of the World.
Thirdly we have rejoined the local gym. I am. Lifting weights to work on my core strength and using this cross-trainer and rower to build cardio fitness. I have also been going to some exercise classes (more on these in another post).

So not much running to report but it is not all bad. I must go – I have a hazelnut loaf in the oven and a kitchen to clean 🙂


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