Getting ready for the TR24

Last year's TR24. This time we have a bigger tent and a bigger car. Living it up.

Last year’s TR24. This time we have a bigger tent and a bigger car. Living it up.

Just a few days to go until we head up north for the Adidas TR24. 24 hours of running around a 10km loop of trail as many times as we can. Last year my wife and I had entered as a mixed pair but after a traffic accident she ended up running it solo (coz she is a legend): this year we are both entered as solo runners.

As I mentioned in The Tyranny of Training I have not been training hard for this event. I ran a 50 miler in April and have done a few runs of around 20 miles since and I am hoping this will see me through 12 laps for a total of 74 miles. It will be interesting to see. A lot of the preparation for this event hasn’t been in the training but the logistics.

The event is run from Noon on Saturday to Noon on Sunday. You can camp at the venue the night before and the night after but I don’t know about you but I fancy a proper bed and a good nights sleep either side of running that far so we are staying in a motel. That needs booking. As vegans staying in the middle of no where we need to take food with us for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning. That includes enough food to fuel 74 miles. That is a lot of food to make, buy, store and keep cool.

At the event you can pitch a tent and set up camp. We aren’t planning on resting much as we will be too busy running/plodding but we have bought a pop-up tent and have also found that the seats in our new car will fold down flat to make a large potential sleeping/triage area.

As we will be running at night we also need head torches, batteries and possibly an outer layer. That is on top of enough dry kit to keep us running all day in what looks like will be hot humid and at times thundery weather. So water and hydration packs might be a good idea. And sun glasses. And waterproof coats. And a selection of running shoes.

i think we are almost set. We need to buy a lot of food and I will make big bowls of quinoa and lentil salad, salted tofu and pasta with roasted veg. We will take lots of cereal, muesli, oat milk, bread, nut butters, flapjacks, crisps, biscuits and some clif shot bloks.

I have been waiting all year to get out there and run this event. It was great fun supporting and will be a real challenge to run it.

Wish us luck.


2 thoughts on “Getting ready for the TR24

  1. Sounds great. I’m in awe. Do you stop to nap during the 24 hours? Hope you both enjoy it. Looking forward to reading the feed back.

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