Happy Birthday Herbifit

Happy Birthday to us

Happy Birthday to us

Herbifit is one year old this week! It feels like a long time ago that I was laid up with a bad back after an accident, getting bored and frustrated and wondering what to do. This was my answer. The excellent No Meat Athlete was a major inspiration and I would urge anyone who has an interest in all things vegan and/or running to head over there.
I have really enjoyed sharing my recipes, plans and ideas with you all and seeing the site grow from a couple of random posts to what I hope is a usable and useful resource for people looking for recipe ideas, running motivation and vegan love. Like most bloggers I have watched my stats page with interest and it has been good to see the number of visitors creep from a couple a day to averaging a hundred or so. I guess I must be doing something right. It is also wonderful to see a comment from someone who has read something – feels less like talking into the void 😉
I started this blog to fulfil a number of functions. I wanted to spread the word about veganism and the idea that it is possible to be a healthy vegan athlete. I wanted to use it as a journal to record my own fitness gains. Finally I wanted it to be a resource to help those thinking of making the journey to veganism. I think I have had some success in that last goal but may have lost sight a little on the first two.
I often doubt that my fitness has improved dramatically in the last year but then I remember that I ran my first ultra marathon and have generally felt full of energy. However I do want to refocus my energy on becoming ultra fit in the year ahead. I am aiming to run 60 – 72 miles in the TR24 in 10 days time and am looking at running my first 100 miler next June. I have invested in a juicer and have a big pile of nutrition textbooks to work through. I need to get back to some exercise classes and carry out a detailed analysis of my diet.
Hopefully by the time we hit our second birthday Herbifit will be ultra-fit.
It would be good to hear your ideas for taking this blog forward. What have you enjoyed reading? Have you used any recipes on the site? What would you like to see more of or less of?

Be Plant Strong people and I’ll see you on the trails.



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