The Injured Runner

Looks like they will be in storage for a couple of weeks.

Looks like they will be in storage for a couple of weeks.

Another summer and another injury. This time last year I was smashed into from behind while driving and ended up with whiplash that stopped me running until September. This year I was 19 miles into a 20 mile run when I stepped off a curb and went over on my ankle. I have spent the last couple of days with it either wrapped, elevated or packed with ice and am waiting to have it x-rayed in case it is broken. I am fairly sure it is just a nasty sprain but even so it means I’ll be off the trails for a couple of weeks.

I don’t always seem to have a lot of luck with injuries. What is strange though is how few of them come from running. Even this one could have happened just as easily stepping off a curb while walking (something I did years ago) so it seems a little churlish to blame running for the injury. I blame the injury for stopping me running.

So what is a runner to do? First up – rest. I am always tempted to get back out running too soon after a minor injury and it soon becomes more debilitating and longer lasting. This time I am staying off it for at least two weeks. Secondly I am going to stay positive and focus on what I can still do. When the swelling goes down I should be able to use the spin bike, rower and weights. I should be able to go for long walks and of course I have plenty of other hobbies – you can expect more fascinating blog posts and the kitchen will be a hive of activity.

As long as I can maintain some fitness of the TR24 in 6 weeks and can run at least slowly for my birthday break in July (the 11th in case you were thinking of sending a card) I’ll be happy. Running should be a source of joy and not stress. I’ll try to keep that in mind.


2 thoughts on “The Injured Runner

  1. Injuries are so frustrating and always seem to happen at the wrong time! I’m bad about getting the overuse type stuff and not allowing enough time off to heal. Good luck with your x-ray and may the ankle mend quickly:)

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