New Year Resolutions

More running on the trails this spring

More running on the trails this spring

I have never been a big fan of resolutions, and even less of a fan of making them at new year. They seem to be an excuse for people to put off making the changes they need to make until a later date. The number of people I heard throughout December saying ‘I may as well have another, the diet starts in January’ was getting silly. It gets even sillier when you remember that most people’s resolutions don’t last beyond that first week.So no big life changes for me, but I do think it is worth while revisiting your fitness goals throughout the year and this is a good a time as any.

My main goal for the first part of the year is to complete the SDW50, a fifty mile trail run along the South Downs in April. To achieve this I need to:

  1. Increase the length of my long run. Last week we were out for 3 hours. I’ll increase it by 20 minutes most week and add to the length of my sunday run as well. I’ll aim to peak at 50 miles over the weekend.
  2. Improve core strength. Boxercise seems to be helping and I will use bodyweight exercises throughout the week. I’m going to start a ‘Hundred Squat Challenge‘ today and change the exercise each month.
  3. Reduce body fat. I still have about 10lb of excess weight to lose and it will certainly make running long distances easier if I can shift it. I’ll try to achieve this by eating healthier snacks though the day and taking more nutritious lunches to work. I’ll also use more cardio workouts in the evening and increase strength training. Being a vegan can only help but it does mean planning in protein carefully.

So no resolutions but better than that – I have a plan 🙂

What are your fitness goals this year and how will you achieve them?


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