Vegan lunch ideas – Part One

Raw vegan lunch. Spicy seaweed wraps with pean...

Every night I eat a well planned and well balanced meal. High in plant protein, slow released carbs and lots and lots of vegetables. But what about the rest of the day?

During the week I start the day with a large bowl of fruit and nut muesli. The oats give me slow release energy and the nuts will provide a little protein but eating the same thing every morning is not great in terms of diet. Lunch is even worse. There is plenty of fruit, usually a banana; an apple or two; a couple of Satsuma’s, and some kind of sandwich, usually peanut butter or a salad wrap and then if I have been to fill up the car maybe a bag of crisps or some nuts but it is hardly setting my heart a flutter.

I am in a food rut and it is certainly not bringing me to the peak of fitness.

I need to find some more ideas for breakfasts, lunches and snacks that are low in fat, high in protein and easy to prepare.

For breakfast I could try adding some different fresh fruits into my muesli and upping the nut content. Maybe trying wholemeal toast with nut butter and some fruit on the side.

For lunch and snacks I struggle more. I could make some date and nut bars at the weekend and take left-overs but they need to be things I am happy eating cold (I work through lunch to maximise my running time in the evening) and most cold leftovers make me gag. I could make more interesting wraps perhaps including beans but that will take more preperation time in the evening. Salad with seeds and nuts might be a possibility as might a thermos of soup or bean stew.

As with everything fitness related it comes down to priorities and education. If I am going to recognise the need to change my nutrition I will have to accept spending an extra few minutes preparing lunches at the weekend of after work. I also need to determine what the priority is for my diet. Weight loss? Protein? Recovery from training? Flavour? Each goal needs a different approach. As well as this I need to educate myself better about possible lunches and pre-made snacks.

What do you have time for in the mornings and what lunch ideas do you have to share? I am looking for something: High in protein; quick to prepare; eaten cold or in a thermos; tasty. All ideas welcome.

To be continued…


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