Run Wild – Boff Whalley

I have a new favourite book of the moment. Run Wild is a passionate ode to trail running and very different to the bookcase load of running books I already have. It is not a training book – although you maybe able to glean some advice from it, and it is not a running memoir in the style of the excellent ‘Mud, Sweat and Tears‘ or ‘Feet in the Clouds‘ (both excellent reads btw) as it lacks that central narrative of ‘how I completed X race’ to hang everything together. Instead it is one man’s attempt to explain his love of wild running and his story of how he found his way to the trails. It reminds me less of a running book and more a book in the style of ‘Edgelands’ or ‘How to be Free’ with a selection of short essays rather than one story. It meanders about like a trail on a hillside.

It helps that the writer has a great writing voice and something to say. Not surprising as he is a member of the band Chumbawamba – best known for the hit song ‘Tubthumping‘ but should be best known for amazing album ‘English Rebel Songs’, and this book reflects his interests in class and freedom.

What are your favourite running books? What makes them special?


Views, comments, ideas and feedback are always welcome. Be good to hear from you.

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