Fat to Fit – Month Two

Some things have gone really well over the last couple of months. Having not been able to run for 3 months I was happy that I could quickly get back up to 20 hilly miles with a reasonably quick recovery. I was all set for the Beachy Head Marathon and then… My back went again.

My running is great but clearly to be able to run as I want I need to do more. That is the purpose of the spider diagrams. I find this helps to organise my thoughts and identify areas that I need to work on.

  • I need to work on my core strength
  • I need to eat better. Eating for macro and micro nutrients rather than pleasure
  • I need to find more ideas for delicious herbifit lunches and snacks.
  • I need to focus my running more during the week for hill training and speed work not just steady runs at the same pace.
  • I need to use exercises to correct alignment of my knee.
  • I need to stretch, not just after a run but to keep flexibility.

The main thing that I will need to do is work on my attitude so that I prioritize fitness in my life. I need to stay focused on my goal. This was much easier when I started. There were big and obvious changes that I could make to my diet and I had a clear routine for exercise. I will identify pattens of poor eating that still exist and start planning exercise more carefully.

I’ll let you know how I get on 🙂


Views, comments, ideas and feedback are always welcome. Be good to hear from you.

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