Fat to Fit Project – Week 3


The scales call

Weight 13st 6lb (no change) 6lb to goal weight

Fitness: Ummm… Mixed. I did my first exercise class on Monday, Core Ability with Abs Fitness, which was fantastic but having not been able to train for 3 months might have been a bit too much and I was barely able to walk for 3 days. Not good.
This meant that running for this week has been 11 miles (6/5) which was disappointing but those two runs felt fantastic 🙂 I also wasn’t able to use the spin bike. I have learnt my lesson and will go to the class on Wednesday this week and go easier on the squats 🙂

Diet Pretty good. Breakfast has been fruit muesli with hummus and salad wrap for lunch, lots of fruit and homemade malt loaf for snacks. Dinner has been something from the Spice Rack. Still a bit too much bread at times but I think it has been OK.

Goals Having been back to work for a week and got back into a routine I need to make more time for exercise in the evening. Planning to run Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun with a class on Wednesday. I also need to look at including more nuts into my diet – maybe for breakfast?

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