Fat to Fit Project – Week 2

Weight 13st 6lb 1lb weight gain. 6lb to goal weight.

Diet Pretty good. I’m not overly concerned with gaining a lb as long as it doesn’t become a trend. Weight can fluctuate by a pound or two quite easily. Meals have been nutritious but perhaps with too much focus on bread. Unusually for me I’ve been eating out a bit and delicious as it was it is never going to be as herbifit as the food I cook myself. I have found a few snacks – toasted broad beans, pistachios and dates, plantain chips, and this has helped. Still need to find more home cooked snacks.
Fitness Improving. My back injury is just about gone and my neck is improving.
Total miles run – 14 (2/3/4/5) and 3 30min spin session. Tomorrow I have my first core exercise class.
Goals for next week – 3 running sessions at about 5 miles. 4 spin sessions. Core training. Pack healthy lunches.


One thought on “Fat to Fit Project – Week 2

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