Adidas TR24 – A Vegan Challenge

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TR24 sponsored by Adidas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last autumn the running magazines were all reporting on one event – the Adidas Thunder Run; a 24 hour race over a 10km route through the trails of Derbyshire. You could run it solo or in relay (pairs or teams). Mrs HerbiFit and myself had been wanted to move into ultra-distances and this seemed like a good first step. As soon as we could we entered as a mixed-pair, set ourselves the goal of running 10 laps each (100km) and started training.

Training went really, really, well. We completed a couple of marathons, ran 28 miles, tried night running and running 4 times in a day. All was good and by the end of June we were fully prepared and waiting to go. Then, at the start of July I was involved in a traffic accident and now have a serious case of whiplash. After a few days of denial I had to accept that I wasn’t going to be running anywhere for a while. This left my wife with a dilemma – to pull out as a team, or to try something she had not been training for, to run 24 hours solo. Not one to turn down a challenge Mrs HerbiFit will be running the Adidas TR24 this weekend solo.

Now obviously I am gutted for myself, I have been preparing for this event all year and looking forward to testing myself, but I am really excited for her and looking forward to being her support crew for the day. I have no doubt that she is ready for the challenge as a runner. She is truly Born to Run, but the logistics are a challenge in themselves, especially for a vegan athlete.

We are travelling up the day before and staying in the small town of Lichfield, will there be a suitable vegan meal the night before? Will there be anything suitable for breakfast? What about at the event itself? People who took part last year wax lyrical about the catering but they are not looking for Plant Power.

So tomorrow is going to be spent in the kitchen and the shops. I am going to make

  • Malt Loaf
  • Quinoa with roast veg and almonds
  • Hummus
  • Whole-wheat flat breads.
  • Rounds and rounds of sandwiches (nut butters and salad)
  • Chopped raw veg and fruit salads.
  • Chia and lime drink

We will also take

  • Salted nuts
  • Crisps
  • Gelatine free sweets
  • Oat milk and cereal

Hopefully that will give her the Plant Power she needs to meet her potential.

I’ll spend the time between her laps whooping, cheering, reading, writing, twittering away, wishing I was running but mainly feeling very, very proud to be part of her team.

Go Zoe!


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