Fit for What?

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The story so far… I spent 27 years getting fat and then another three to be back to a ‘healthy weight’. I have managed to run a couple of marathons in respectable but not outstanding speeds as well as a handful of half marathons. I have gone from being a vegetarian since I was 8 to a vegan and in many ways I have never felt better. But… I’m not satisfied.

I think those of us who are interested in becoming ‘fit’ need to step back occasionally and ask ‘Fit for What?’ and that is what I am hoping to do.

Fit for What?

  • I want to be fit enough to run slowly for long distances. I think I should be able to run all day.
  • Fit enough to sprint for short distances
  • To be able to lift heavy weights and move things from place to place
  • To be fit enough to avoid injuries
  • I would like to live to a ripe old age in a healthy state
  • To be able to make informed decisions about the food that I eat and the way that I exercise.

In the next stage I will need to take stock of where I am now and the strategies I can employ to meet my goals.

Any thoughts on what else we need to be fit FOR?