High on the South Downs at dawn. This is why we run.

High on the South Downs at dawn. This is why we run.

HerbiFit is a place to celebrate those of us who follow a vegan lifestyle and want to achieve new levels of fitness. I started on my journey from fat to fit as an unhealthy vegetarian who lived on junk food, ballooned to 19 stone and rarely got out off the sofa. I lost a lot of the weight and found a love of running, cooking and living. This is the next step of my journey – from a fitter me to the fittest possible me.

The Blog is where you will find my latest posts on Plant Based Food and Fitness for Life. If you are looking for something specific try these pages.

Vegans Rock is your one-stop shop for advice on going and staying vegan. It showcases all that is awesome about the vegan community and the issues that face us as a community.

Spice Rack is my own recipe book, cooked up in my tiny kitchen and photographed with all the skill and care you would expect of a hyperactive toddler (but I am slowly getting better). You can find everything from baking bread t0 stew with dumplings and from superfood salad to cheeseless pizza.

We are all Born to Run  so pop in and have a look at why we run, how we run and find race reports and running news.

Fit for Life is a space for news and views on fitness and nutrition and my Fat to Fit Project; my account of how I went from a 270lb (19st 4lb/122kg) slob to someone who could at least get through a couple of marathons and an ultra marathon. Now I am looking to move from fitter to fittest. Call it a vanity project of you like – go on, I can take it :-)

Reviews exists because I have heard bloggers get free stuff (just kidding).

So – question one: What is a Herbifit and where can I get one?

And – Celebrating one whole year of Herbifit!

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